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School of Mathematics 1 Jinming Road

Kaifeng, 475004, Henan, China

Phone: +86 0371 23881696

Instructions in Chinese for a cab driver 河南大学新校区 (Henandaxue xin xiao qu)


Dean of theSchool of Mathematics

 Shuxia Feng

Phone: + 86 0371 23880166

E-mail: fengshx@henu.edu.cn


Administrative Staff

 Qifeng An

Phone: + 86 18739966124

E-mail: 10100119@vip.henu.edu.cn


Meiling Yu

Phone: + 86 15037807061

E-mail: yumeiling@henu.edu.cn



To contact individual professors, graduate assistants, or staff, please write the full name and contact our administrative staff or find their contact information on the faculty list.