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School of Mathematic and Statistics of Henan University Wanted in 2018

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Henan University was established in 1912. It locates in Kaifeng, a historic and cultural city and an ancient capital of eight dynasties. It named Henan preparatory school of studying in Europe and the United States at the beginning. After that, it has been named Zhongzhou University, National Fifth Zhongshan University,Henan Normal College, Kaifeng Normal University, Henan Normal University until 1984 it regained her name-Henan University. In October 2008, Henan provincial the government of Henan Province and the Ministry of Education Ministry of Education of the People's Republic of China signed a joint agreement that Henan University formally jointed the ranks of provincial co-construction Universities. In September 2016, Henan University was included in the national "111" plan and successfully joined "Double First Class" construction universities in September 2017. Henan University has entered a new period of development.

 School of Mathematic and Statistics is one of the earliest schools of Henan University. Currently the school has a totally number of 113 staff, including 95 full-time teachers, 84 professors and associate professors and 75 doctors and doctor candidates. The teaching staff include a double haired academician,a distinguished expert of Henan "Hundred Talents Program", 5 chair professors of Henan University,5 distinguished professors of Henan University, 4 doctoral supervisors, 63 master supervisors, 5 leaders of science and technology of Henan Province Office of Education. The School owns the authority to launch PhD Program of Doctoral-level discipline in both mathematics and statistics. The school has six education units, including Department of Mathematics and Applied Mathematics, Department of Information and Computing Science, Department of Financial Mathematics, Department of Statistics, Teaching department of public mathematics and Center for continuing education. Besides, it has established central and local co-construction advantageous and special university laboratories-mathematical modeling laboratory, financial statistics laboratory, data analysis technology laboratory,and possessed two school-level key research institutions. It has four undergraduate programs including Mathematics and Applied Mathematics, Information and Computing Science, Financial Mathematics and Statistics. Mathematics and Applied Mathematics is one of the first famous brand majors of Henan University and a pilot for comprehensive reform of majors of the universities in Henan province. Information and Computing Science is the characteristic major of Henan University. There are more than 1400 undergraduates and more than 220 postgraduates in the school.


1. Positions

Required majors

Required levels




All majors



Mathematical Statistics, Applied Statistics or Biostatistics

2. Requirements

(1) Support the leadership of Communist Party of China (CPC); love the motherland; observe disciplines and abide by the laws; maintain physical and emotional health; have a strong sense of teamwork; be diligent in learning and be creative in research.

(2) Recruit the returned oversea Chinese person with ability, the PhD graduates of the university of the “Project 985”or CAS or other universities and colleges,no more than 35 years old.

(3)With high scientific research level and excellent ability to teach.

3. Post employed treatments

Offer setting-in allowance 150,000 RMB, scientific research allowance 30,000RMB; appointed an associate professor depending on the academic level; the monthly subsistence allowance is 300 RMB and last for five years.

4. Materials

(1) Resume

(2) Overview of personal researches and job prospects

(3) PDF files of published papers

(4) 3 mentor’s and peer’s recommendation letters (send the letters directly to the contact persons by the referrer teachers)

5. Contact

Contact person: Shuxia Feng, Tel. 0371-23880166, Cell phone 13569540135

E-mail: fengshx7512@163.com

Address: School of Mathematics and Statistics, Jingming campus of Henan University, Kaifeng City, Henan Province

Postcode: 475004

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