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The School of Mathematics and Statistics of Henan University

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The School of Mathematics and Statistics of Henan University is one of the earlier departments established by Henan University. Its predecessor was the Department of Mathematics and Physics of the former Zhongzhou University founded in 1923. It was renamed the Arithmetic Department, the Mathematical Department and the School of Mathematics and Information Science. In 2014, it was renamed the School of Mathematics and Statistics.

For nearly 100 years, The School of Mathematics and Statistics of Henan University, adhering to the motto of “to illustrate illustrious virtue; to renovate the people; and to rest in the highest excellence”, after several generations of scholars' continual striving, has formed a rigorous academic spirit and accumulated profound academic details that are of great benefit to the school’s sustainable and healthy development, under the leadership of a large number of famous mathematicians and educators who used to work here, such as Huang Jiyu, Chen Zuojun, Fan Yingchuan, Huang Dunci, Du Mengmo, Liu Yaxing, etc. Currently, the school has the right to confer Doctoral Degrees and Master's Degrees in Mathematics first-level disciplines (which is a key subject in Henan province), Statistical first-level disciplines and the conferring right of Applied Statistics Master’s Degrees. It offers four undergraduate majors, including Mathematics and Applied Mathematics, Information and Computing Science, Statistics and Financial Mathematics. Among them, Mathematics and Applied Mathematics is the pilot for comprehensive reforms in Henan Province, and Information and Computational Science is a distinctive major throughout Henan Province.

The School of Mathematics and Statistics holds an impressive faculty of 113 formal members, including 95 professional teachers and 18 administrative personnel. Among the teachers are 86 professors and associate professors (75 of them possess doctoral degrees), 48 doctoral and master’s supervisors;one Double Employed Academician; one distinguished expert in the “One Hundred Talents” Project of Henan Province; one provincial well-known lecture professor; 6 campus well-known lecture professors; 5 distinguished professors; 7 pioneers of academic technique awarded by Education Department of Henan; 6 Henan Outstanding Youth Fund winners;7 Henan Teaching Model title winners; 1 Advanced Individual in Higher Education Teaching in Henan Province title winner. In general, a high-level teacher staff with noble morality, remarkable professional capacity, reasonable structure, and vitality has been formed.

The school has three teaching and research platforms: Mathematical Modeling Laboratory, Financial Statistics Laboratory, and Data Analysis Technology Laboratory. There are four research institutes: Modern Mathematics Research Institute, Applied Mathematics Research Institute, Teaching Method Research Office, and Non-Linear Scientific Research Laboratory. There is a world-renowned full English written professional academic publication called Chinese Quarterly Journal of Mathematics, which is started by The School of Mathematics and Statistics of Henan University. Paying attention to its leading role of academic leaders, the school actively participates in academic exchanges at home and abroad, and continuously consolidates the direction of discipline research, and continuously strengthens the construction of academic teams. What’s more, in the aspects of partial differential equations and mathematical physics, real analysis and complex analysis, probability theory and mathematical statistics, images processing and scientific computing, the school has formed comparative advantages and characteristics and also has achieved a number of outstanding scientific research results. According to statistics, from 2013 to 2017, the teaching faculty published 507 papers, many of which were published in internationally renowned academic journals such as Proceedings of the American Mathematical Society, Bulletin of the London Mathematical Society, and Communications in Mathematical Physics. The school has been approved by the National Natural Science Foundation of China for 48 projects, published 6 academic monographs, and won 114 scientific research awards.

There are six teaching units in the School of Mathematics and Statistics: Department of Mathematics and Applied Mathematics, Department of Information and Computational Science, Department of Statistics, Department of Financial Mathematics, Public Mathematics Teaching Department, and Continuing Education Center. There are more than 1,300 undergraduates and more than 220 postgraduate students. In recent years, the college has been continuously deepening education and teaching reforms and has explored and carried out classified teaching and classified guidance, promoted the improvement of undergraduate career counseling systems, and established top-notch experimental classes, and trained a large number of high-quality talents who have excellent moral character, firm literacy, outstanding practical ability and spirit of innovation. Up to now, more than 300 people have won awards in large-scale professional competitions such as the National College Students Mathematical Contest Modeling Competition, the National Undergraduate Mathematics Competition, and the Qiu Chengtong Mathematics Competition. The admission rate for postgraduate entrance examination is kept at 36%, and the one-time employment rate for both postgraduates and undergraduates is more than  95%.

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