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Yichao Xu

Yichao Xu, mathematician, works on the study of algebra and multiple complex function theory. His remarkable contributions include his study on homogeneity bounded domain.

Brief CV:
Date of Birth: 07-Oct-1933
Place of Birth: Hangzhou, Zhejiang of China
1952-1956, Peking University, Department of mathematics and mechanics, BS.
1956, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Institute of Mathematics, research apprentice.
1957-1961, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Institute of Mathematics,graduate student.
1962-1998, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Institute of Mathematics, Research Assistant, Associate Researcher,Researcher.
In 1986, he was appointed as a doctoral supervisor by the National Academic Committee.
In 1999, he retired from the Institute of mathematics, Chinese Academy of Sciences.
In 2000, He was hired by the Department of mathematics at the Henan University as a professor.

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