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Wu Jie

Wu Jie, male, born in October 1960, professor of mathematics and statistics institute of Henan University, first-level researcher of France National Scientific Research Center, doctoral supervisor of East Paris University, France. He received his doctorate in basic mathematics from the University of Paris in France in 1990, and entered the French National Scientific Research Center (CNRS) in the same year to work in analytical mathematical studies.

Professor Wu Jie's work covers the important fields of prime theory, self - defense form and self - observing L function. He has published 88 papers in international authoritative publications, which has reached the international leading level and has a great academic influence. He has been invited to attend the international academic conference and report for many times. Researcher Wu Jieparticipates and hosts a number of national research projects, such as France - Hong Kong cooperation plan funded by French ministry of education, the French BQR projects, natural science foundation of French institutions ANR funded Algebraic sieve: Distribution, Optimisation project, etc., many international academic conferences organized.

Education Experience

1.1996/9 -- 1990/2, University of South Paris, mathematics, doctor, tutor: E. Fouvry.

2.1982/2 -- 1984/12, Wuhan University, mathematics, master, tutor: Yu Jiarong.

3.1978/2 -- 1982/2, Nanjing Institute of Aeronautics, aircraft manufacturing, bachelor.

Work Experience

1.2016/1-present, Henan university, School of Mathematics and Statistics, professor.

2.1990/10- now, French National Research Center, Researcher.

3.1984/12-1986, Wuhan University, Mathematics Department, teaching assistant.

Magnum Opus

1. 1. Lau, Yuk-Kam; Liu, Jianya; Wu, Jie,  Local behavior of arithmetical functions with applications to automorphic L-functions. Int. Math. Res. Not. IMRN 2017, no. 16, 4815–4839.

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5. 5. Royer, Emmanuel; Sengupta, Jyoti; Wu, Jie Non-vanishing and sign changes of Hecke eigenvalues for Siegel cusp forms of genus two. With an appendix by E. Kowalski and A. Saha.Ramanujan J. 39 (2016), no. 1, 179–199.

6. 6. Cui, Z.; Wu, J. The Selberg-Delange method in short intervals with an application. Acta Arith. 163 (2014), no. 3, 247–260.

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