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Jinghui Li

Professor Jinghui Li was a professor of the Chinese University of Hong Kong and the University of Sydney. Now, he is a chair professor of Henan University. He received a doctorate from Yale University in 1974 and he was taught by Robert Phelan Langlands, a famous mathematician in the 20th century, who won the Wolf Prize in 1996 and the Shaw Prize in 2007. Professor Li has worked in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Germany, France, USA, Canada and Australia. From 2009 to March 2013, he was a West Bay chair professorof Sun Yat-sen University in Taiwan and a scientist of the National Center of Scientific Theories (the South District).

Research Overview
Professor Li is mainly engaged in the research of the automorphic formal theories and has a unique contribution to the formation of the concept of “Relative Trace Formula”. Since 1978, professor Li has lectured at Sun Yat-sen University, East China Normal University, Shanghai Normal University and Peking University. Professor Li has many treatises such as Introduction toAlgebraic Group,ExpressionsandAutomorphic Forms of Second Order Matrix Group, Introduction to ModularCurve andIntroductiontoTopological Group.


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