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Shichao Chen

NameShi-Chao Chen


Office 02

Email schen@henu.edu.cn

Research Fieldnumber theory, modular forms and partitions


2002.09-2007.06, Ph.D.Nanjing Normal University

1998.09-2002.06, Bachelor of Science, Xinyang Normal University


2018.05-Henan University, Professor

2015.03-2016.03 Kennesaw state university, Visiting scholar

2012.06-2018.05, Henan University, Associate professor

2007.10-2012.06, Henan University, Lecturer

2007.07-2007.10, Henan University,  Assistant professor

Selected publications

1. Shi-Chao Chen, On the density of the odd values of the partition function and the t-multipartition function,  J. Number Theory 225 (2021) 198–213.

2. Shi-Chao Chen, Parity of Schur’s partition function C. R. Acad. Sci. Paris,  357(2019) 418–423

3. Shi-Chao Chen, Vanishing of the coefficients of a half Lerch sum Int. J. Number Theory Vol. 15, No.2 (2019) 251-263.

4. Shi-Chao Chen, Odd values of the Rogers–Ramanujan functions C. R. Acad. Sci. Paris, Ser. I 356 (2018) 1081–1084.

5. Shi-Chao Chen, Periodicity of A Partition Function Related to Making Change Modulo Prime  Powers, Ars Combin. 132 (2017),  193-201.

6. Zhu Cao and Shi-Chao Chen, On generalized Schur’s partitions, Int. J. Number Theory Vol. 13, No. 6 (2017) 1381–1391.

7. Shi-Chao Chen, Congruences and asymptotics of Andrews’ singular overpartitions

J. Number Theory, 164 (2016), 343–358.

8. Shi-Chao Chen,  M. Hirschhorn and J. Sellers,  Arithmetic properties of Andrews singular

overpartitions,  Int. J. Number Theory, Vol. 11, No. 5 (2015) 1463–1476.

9.  Shi-Chao Chen,  On the number of overpartitions into odd parts, Discrete Math.,

325(2014), 32-37.

10. Shi-Chao Chen,  On the coefficients of an eigenform, J. Number Theory, 137 (2014), 160-165.

11. Shi-Chao Chen,  Congruences for a certain partition function,   Ann.  Comb.,  18(2014), 607-615.

12. Shi-Chao Chen,  Ramanujan-type congruences for certain generating functions, Lith.  Math.  J., 53 ( 2013),  381-390.

13. Shi-Chao Chen,  Congruences for t-core partition functions,  J. Number Theory,

133 (2013), 4036-4046.

14.  Shi-Chao Chen,  Congruences for the number of  ktuple partitions with distinct even parts, Discrete Math., 313 (2013) 1565-1568.

15.   Shi-Chao Chen and Hao Luo, Odd multiperfect numbers, Bull.  Aust.  Math.  Soc.,

88(2013), 56-63.

16.  Shi-Chao Chen,  Distribution of the coefficients of modular forms and the partition function, Arch.  Math., 98 (2012), 307-315.

17.  Shi-Chao Chen and Yingtao Che, On a restricted m-ary partition function, Chin. Quart. J. of  Math.,  27 (2), (2012), 165-168.

18. Shi-Chao Chen,  On the number of partitions with distinct even parts, Discrete Math.,

311(2011), 940-943.

19. Shi-Chao Chen and Hao Luo, Bounds for odd k perfect numbers,   Bull. Aust. Math. Soc.,

84(2011), 475-480 .

20. Shi-Chao Chen,  Congruences for r_s(n) ,  J. Number Theory, 130(2010), 2028-2032.

21.  Shi-Chao Chen,  Congruences for overpartition k-tuples, INTEGERS, 10(2010),  A40, 477-484.

22.  Shi-Chao Chen,  Arithmetical properties of the number of t-core partitions, Ramanujan  J., 18(2009) 103-112.

23. Shi-Chao Chen and Yong-Gao Chen, On the average of the sum-of-a-divisors function, Colloq.  Math.,     100 (2004), 103-109.

Research Funding

1. Arithmetic of modular forms and their applications in combinatoricsNational Natural Science Foundation of China(11771121)2018.01-2021.12,PI

2. Modular forms and partitions, GGJS of Henan province, (2016GGJS-022), 2017.01-2019.12, PI

3. Arithmetical applications of modular forms, National Natural Science Foundation of China(11101123)2012.01-2014.12,PI

4. Partitions and congruences, National Natural Science Foundation of China(11026080)2011.01-2011.12,PI

5. Some problems in additive combinatorics, National Natural Science Foundation of Henan province,( 2009A110001), 2009.01-2011.12, PI

6. Arithmetic of modular forms and their applications, YQPY of Henan University (yqpy20140038), 2014.01-2018.12


Elementary number theory, Combinatorics,  Abstract algebra, Linear algebra, Calculus


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