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Ruifeng Zhang

Name: Ruifeng Zhang
Date of birth: June, 1964 Title: professor

Honor: Academic and Technical Leaders of the Education Department of Henan Province, The Excellent Youth Scholars of Henan Province, Female Advanced individuals on the achievements of Committee of Education, Science, Culture, Health and Sports of Henan Province, Women Models of Henan Province

Educational Background:
2003/09-2006/06Graduate School of China Academy of Engineering Physics, Beijing, Applied mathematics,graduate student for doctor degree
1995/02-1997/06 Shaanxi Normal University, Department of mathematicsgraduate, student for master degree
1981/09-1985/06 Henan Normal University, Department of mathematics, undergraduate student

1.    2015.01-2018.12 Grant from the NSF of China. No. 11471099, 700,000 Yuan
under process, chair
Main papers:
(1)Ruifeng Zhang*, Fangfang Li, Existence of charged vortices in a Maxwell–Chern–Simons model, Journal of Differential Equations,2014, 257: 2728-2752
(2)Yisong Yang*, Ruifeng Zhang, Existence of optical vortices, SIAM J. Math. Anal., 2014,46(1):484-498
(3) Ruifeng Zhang*, Fangfang Li, Existence and uniqueness of domain wall solitons in a Maxwell--Chern--Simons model, Journal of Mathematical Physics,  2014,55(2): 023501
(4) Ruifeng Zhang*, Liang Cai, On the semilinear elliptic equations of electrostatic NEMS devices, Z. Angew. Math. Phys., 2014, 65:1207-1222
(5)Ruifeng Zhang*, Hong Wang, Rentao Liu, The existence of steady solutions for a class Schrodinger equation in nonlinearity optical lattices, Journal of Mathematical Physics,2013, 54(1): 011505
(6)Ruifeng Zhang*, YaGu, Elliptic equations governing extremely charged cosmological dust coupled with the dilaton, Nonlinear Analysis, TMA, 2013,79: 41-51
(7)Ruifeng Zhang*, Huijuan  Li,  Sharp existence theorems for multiple vortices induced from magnetic impurities, Nonlinear Analysis, TMA, 2015, 115: 117-129
(8)Ruifeng Zhang, Xiaojing Wang, On generalized geometric domain-wall models, Proceedings of the Royal Society of Edinburgh, 2011,141A,881-895。
(9) Bainian Lu*, Ruifeng Zhang, An Explicit Pseudo-Spectral Scheme with Almost Unconditional Stability for the Cahn-Hilliard Equation,JOURNAL OF COMPUTATIONAL MATHEMATICS,2000,18(2),165-172.
(10)Ruifeng Zhang*, Boling Guo, Dynamical Behavior For The Three-Dimensional Generalized Hasegawa-Mima equations,Journal of Mathematical Physics, 2007,48(1):01


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