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Yongsheng Cheng


NameYongsheng CHENG


OfficeAttached to first floor of School of Mathematics and Statistics


Research FieldLie algebra


2005.09-2008.06Ph.D.Shanghai Jiao Tong University Basic Mathematics

2002.09-2005.07Master Henan UniversityBasic Mathematics

1992.09-1996.07BachelorHenan UniversityMathematics Education


2021.05- Henan UniversityProfessor

2019.08-2020.02University of Sydney, Australia, Visiting scholar

2013.01-2014.01, York University, Canada, Visiting scholar

2011.05-2021.05, Henan University, Associate professor

2009.09-2011.08, University of Science and Technology of China, Postdoc

2003.05-2011.05, Henan University, Lecturer

1996,07-2003.05, Henan University,  Assistant professor

Selected publications

[1]. Cheng Yongsheng, Su Yucai, Generalized Verma modules over some Block algebras. Front Math. China 3(1) (2008), 37-47.

[2]. Cheng Yongsheng, Shi Yiqian, Lie bialgebra structures on the q-analog Virasoro-like algebras, Comm. Algebra, 37(2009), 1264-1274.

[3]. Cheng Yongsheng, Su Yucai, (Co)Homology and Universal Central Extension of Hom-Leibniz AlgebrasActa Math. Sinica, 27(5) (2011), 813-830.

[4].  Cheng Yongsheng, Su Yucai, Quantum deformations of Heisenberg-Virasoro algebra, Alg. Colloq., 20(2) (2013), 299-308.

[5]. Cai Yan-An, Cheng YongSheng, Shen Ran, Quasi-Whittaker modules for Schrodinger algebra, Linear Alg. Appl., 463 (2014), 16-32.

[6]. Zhang Xiufu, Cheng Yongsheng, Simple Schrodinger modules which are locally finite over the positive part, J. Pure Appl. Alg., 219(2015), 2799-2815.

[7]. Li Juan, Chen Liangyun, Cheng Yongsheng, Representation of Bihom-Lie superal-algebras, Linear Multilinear Alg., 67 (2) (2019), 299-326.

[8] Cheng Yongsheng, Zhang Xinyu, Pei Ming, Linear algebra-content, thought and method (Book), Henan Science and Technology Press, 2009.09

Research Funding

1. Symmetry in theoretical physics National Natural Science Foundation of China(11047030)2011/01-2013/12RMB150,000completedPI

2. Some problems on infinite dimensional Lie algebras with non-finite graded subspace2010B110003Natural science project of Henan Provincial Department of Education, 2010/01-2012/12, completedPI

3. The representation of infinite dimensional Lie algebras and application152300410061,

Basic and frontier project of science and Technology Department of Henan Province, 2015/09-2018/05RMB 50,000completedPI

4. Quantization and deformation of non-finite graded Lie (super) Algebras and some related questions20090450810, General support from China Postdoctoral Science Foundation,  2009/03—2010/09. RMB 30,000completedPI

5. Lie (super) bialgebras and quantization associated with Virasoro algebras and their deformation theory20093402110044),2010/01—2012RMB 60,000completedSecond member;

6. Prime number theory and Diophantine approximation11071070),General fund of National Natural Science Foundation of China2011/01-2013/12, RMB 300,000completedsixth member;

7. Structure and classification of modular Lie superalgebras and related Algebras11171055),General fund of National Natural Science Foundation of China2012/01-2015/12, RMB 500,000completedfourth member;

8. Representations of Weyl type algebras and their applications in Lie algebras and quantum group representations11771122),General fund of National Natural Science Foundation of China2018/01-2021/12, RMB 500,000completedSecond member;


Undergraduate students: Advanced algebra, Abstract algebra, Advanced mathematics, Linear algebra

Graduate students: Basic algebra, Lie algebra

Academic Service: AMS Math Reviewer


1. 2012.07, the second youth algebra forum held by the University of science and technology of China: (Co)homology of Hom Leibniz algebra;

2. 2014.08, Mathematical Physics Conference held by Jilin University: Representation of Hom-quasi-hopf algebra;

3. 2015.07, The 15th National Lie algebra Conference held by Xinyang normal UniversitySimple modules over quantum torus and its Lie algebras.

Honor and awards

1. 2013, Excellent teaching achievements of Henan Universitysecond awardhost;

2. 2017, Teaching quality award of Henan University, Grand Prize;

3. Science and technology paper award of the Department of Education of Henan Province, First prize;

4. 2017, Civilized teaching staff of Henan University;

5. 2018, Excellent practice instructor of Henan University;

6. 2018, Science and technology achievement award of Department of Education of Henan Province; Second award, independent completion;  

7. 2019, 2017-2019 Teaching Excellence Award of Henan University;

8. 2021, Excellent graduation thesis instructor of Henan University.


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