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Xiaohui Yang

Name: Xiaohui Yang

Title: Professor

Office: 310

Email: xhyang@henu.edu.cn, xhyanghenu@163.com

Research FieldIntelligence information processing and pattern recognition. Focus on problem driven mathematical modeling, algorithm design, and applications in intelligent mining and analysis of multi-modal data such as image and genetic.


2004.09-2007.12, Ph.D., Xidian University

2001.09-2004.07, MA.Sc., Henan University

1997.09-2001.07, B.S., Henan University


2020.06-,    Henan University, Professor

2010.10-2020.06, Henan University, Associate professor

2019.06-2019.09, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, Visiting scholar

2016.08-2017.08, University of Florida, USA, Visiting scholar

2011.08-2012.06, Peking University, Visiting scholar

2007.12-2010.10, Henan University, Lecturer

Selected publications

[1] Xiaohui Yang, Wenming Wu, Licheng Jiao, Changzhe Jiao, Zhicheng Jiao. A deep fusion framework for unlabeled data driven tumor recognition. Pattern Recognition, 2021. (IF: 7.740)

[2] Xiaohui Yang, Zheng Wang, Jian Sun, Zongben Xu. Unlabeled-data driven cost-sensitive inverse projection sparse representation-based classification with 1/2 regularization. Science China: Information Sciences, 2021. (IF: 4.380)

[3] Xiaohui Yang, Wenming Wu, Xinxin, Limin Su, Liugen Xue. Adaptive factorization rank selection-based NMF and its application in tumor recognition. International Journal of Machine Learning and Cybernetics, 2021. (IF: 4.012)

[4] Lulu Yan (Student), Xiaohui Yang (Corresponding author). L1/2 regularization-based deep incremental non-negative matrix factorization for tumor recognition. The Fifth International Conference on Biological Information and Biomedical Engineering, 2021.

[5] Xiaohui Yang, Li Tian, Yunmei Chen, et al. Inverse projection representation and category contribution rate for robust tumor classification. IEEE/ACM Transactions on Computational Biology and Bioinformatics, 2020. (IF: 3.710)

[6] Xiaohui Yang, Xiaoying Jiang, Chenxi Tian, et al. Inverse projection group sparse representation for tumor classification: a low-rank variation dictionary approach. Knowledge-Based Systems, 2020. (IF: 8.038)

[7] Xiaohui Yang, Wenming Wu, Yunmei Chen, et al. An integrated inverse space sparse representation framework for tumor classification. Pattern Recognition, 2019. (IF: 7.740)

[8] Wenming Wu (Student), Xiaohui Yang (Corresponding author), Yunmei Chen, et al. Layer-wise pre-training low-rank NMF model for mammograms-based breast tumor classification. Journal of the Operations Research Society of China, 2019.

[9] Xiaohui Yang, Fang Liu, Li Tian, et al. Pseudo-full-space representation based classification for robust face recognition. Signal Processing: Image Communications, 2018. (IF: 3.256)

[10] Xiaohui Yang, Licheng Jiao, Lijun Yang, Chen Zheng. Non-negative matrix factorization modeling and learning. 2021Science Press.“Statistics and Data Analysis”in press

[11] Xiaohui Yang, Yunmei Chen, Funa Zhou, Lijun Ynag, Fang Liu. Inverse projection representation model and its applications. 2018, Science Press. ISBN: 978-7-03-057629-3.

Research Funding

[1] National Natural Science Foundation of China, 60802061, Web image retrieval based on multiscale geometry analysis and SVM, 2009.01-2011.12, PI.

[2] National Natural Science Foundation of China, 61071189, Image retrieval in compressed domain based on Bandelet transform, 2011.01-2013.12, CO-PI (1).

[3] National Natural Science Foundation of China, 41771375, Multi-semantic segmentation of remote sensing images with high spatial resolution based on deep random field, 2018.01-2022.12, CO-PI (1).

[4] National Social Science Foundation of China20BXW026, Research on the construction of intelligent editorial Department of mainstream Media in 5G Era, 2020.01-2023.10, CO-PI (1)

[5] Young Backbone Teacher project of Henan Province, 2013GGJS-027, Personalized image retrieval based on sparse representation, 2014.01-2016.12, PI.

[6] Natural Science Foundation of Henan Province, 162300410061, Research on image recognition and retrieval technology based on fusion EEG, 2016.01-2017.12, PI.

[7] Open Fund of Key Laboratory of Ministry of Education, IPIU2019010, Deeply unlabeled data-driven models and their applications, 2019.07-2020.12, PI.

[8] Science and Technology Project of Kaifeng, Precise diagnosis and treatment of breast tumor based on multi-source data association modeling and artificial intelligence, 2022.01-2023.12, PI.

[9] Henan University Emerging Interdisciplinary and Characteristic Disciplines Cultivation Project, xxjc20170003, Deep learning model based on regenerative nuclei and its application in early breast cancer recognition, 2017.09-2019.09, PI.

National Invention Patent

[1] A method and system for automatic stomatal detection and recognition of plant leaves based on deep transfer learning (ZL202010337410.0)

[2] Interactive image retrieval method and system based on adaptive learning region importance (ZL 201310749631.9)

[3] Deep transfer learning-based recognition method and system of plant stomatal density and opening (CN112949517A)

[4] Face disguise detection and disguise category detection method based on low-rank variation dictionary and sparse representation classification (CN108171215A)

National Software Copyright

[1] Intelligent stomatal detection and recognition method and system based on deep transfer learning (2021SR0775134)

[2] Real-time breast tumor recognition system based on inverse projection sparse representation learning ( 2018SR895646)

[3] Detection of CIN based on deep feature analysis of ultrasound images (2018SR921346)

[4] Real-time recognition system of multi-person dynamic facial expressions based on deep random forest (2018SR855790)

[5] Video information jump retrieval system based on joint entropy (2018SR762479)


Undergraduates: Big Data Processing, Mathematical Foundation and Algorithm of Artificial Intelligence, Pattern Recognition and Image Processing, Signal and System, Probability Theory and Mathematical Statistics, Mathematical Modeling, etc.

Graduate students: Machine Learning and data Mining, Matrix theory, digital image processing, etc.

Teaching awards:

[1] 2011-2021, guided undergraduates to participate in the Mathematical Contest in Modeling for College Students, 4 national second prizes and 1 American F Prize (special prize finalist).

[2] 2011-2021, guided undergraduates to participate in the Undergraduate Innovation Experimental Project (including three national ones).

[3] 2020, guided undergraduates to participate in The Computer Design Competition for Chinese College Students, the national third prize (Category-Artificial Intelligence Practice Competition).

[4] 2019, guided undergraduates to participate in the National College Students Statistical Modeling Competition, the national third prize.

[5] 2016, the third prize in the Provincial Information Technology and Course Integration High-quality Class Competition.

[6] 2015, guided undergraduates to participate in the National College Students Data Mining Competition, the excellence award.

[7] 2015, the second prize of provincial Educational Scientific Research Outstanding Achievements.

[8] 2015, the special prize of teaching Quality project of the university.

[9] 2012, presided over the university-level key teaching reform project (excellent)

[10] 2009, the first prize in the Young Teachers' Lecture Competition of Henan University.


[1] 2021.7.14, “Intelligent analysis and applications of multimodal data in small sample environment” , Zhengzhou, Information Engineering University

[2] 2020.10.29-11.1, “Unlabeled Data-Driven Cost-Sensitive Inverse Projection Sparse Representation Classification with 1/2 Regularization”, Changsha, Annual Meeting of Chinese Society of Industrial and Applied Mathematics

[3] 2020.10.23, “Unlabeled data-driven modeling and its applications in intelligent analysis of image genomics”, Shanghai, East China Normal University

[4] 2020.8.15, “Biomedical multimodal data modeling and intelligent analysis”, Shanxi Symposium on Mathematical Medicine

[5] 2019.12.12, “Intelligent analysis and recognition of multimodal biomedical data”, Taiyuan, Taiyuan University of Technology

[6] 2019.9.19-22, “An integrated inverse space sparse representation framework for tumor classification”, Guangzhou, Annual Meeting of Chinese Society of Industrial and Applied Mathematics

[7] 2019.6.18, “Deep unlabeled data-driven model and its application in tumor recognition”, Beijing, Beijing Jiaotong University

[8] 2019.5.12, “Ultrasonic Image-Based Early Diagnosis of CIN”, Beijing, UMI2019

[9] 2017.4.7-8, Biostatistics Workshop on Statistical Inference for Biomedical Big Data, Gainesville, Florida, USA

[10] 2017.3.9-10, “Big Learning, Creating Intelligence”, Gainesville, Florida, USA

Honors and awards:

[1] 2021, China (Shanghai) International Invention and Innovation Exhibition Gold Medal (Certificate No. : C0409) (1/5)

[2] 2021, The first prize of Excellent Scientific paper of Science and Technology Achievement Award of Henan Provincial Department of Education (1/1)

[3] 2021, The second prize of Medical Science and Technology Award of Henan Province (4/8)

[4] 2019, The second prize of Scientific and technological Achievements of Henan Provincial Department of Education (3/4)

[5] 2019, Scientific Research Excellence Award of Henan University

[6] 2015, Adviser of outstanding Master’s thesis in Henan Province

[7] 2013, Young backbone teacher of Henan Province


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