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Zhifeng Gao

Name: Zhifeng Gao

Title: Associate Professor

Office: School of mathematics and statistics 402


Research Interests: partial differential equations and mathematical physics

Personal Profile:

Zhifeng Gao, born in Xingyang, Henan Province in 1977, is now an associate professor of the school of mathematics and statistics of Henan University. Since 2001, he has been engaged in teaching and scientific research in the school of mathematics of Henan University. He has taught advanced mathematics, linear algebra, probability and statistics, mathematical modeling, mathematical experiment and other courses. In addition, he has been the instructor of mathematical modeling competition for many years. In terms of scientific research, he is mainly engaged in the research of partial differential equations and mathematical physics.

Educational Background:

2014.09-2020.12, Doctor, Henan University, differential equation and Mathematical Physics

2007.09-2010.07, Master, Henan University, partial differential equation major

1997.09-2001.07, Bachelor, Henan University, majoring in mathematics education

Work Experience:

From July 2014 to present, Associate Professor, Henan University

2007.06-2014.06, Lecturer, Henan University

2001.07-2007.05, Teaching Assistant, Henan University

Research Areas:

Partial differential equations, computational physics

Representative Academic Papers:

[1] ZF Gao and J. Zhang, existence, uniqueness and Equivalence Theories for magnetic monopoles in general (4p-1) - dimensional Yang mills theory, Journal of mathematical physics, 50 (4), 0435062009 (SCI zone 4)

[2] ZF Gao and Y. Yang, existence of Dyons in minimally gauged Skyrme Model via constrained minimization, joint of functional analysis, 262 (2012) 3602-36252012 (SCI zone 2)

[3] S.B. Gudnason, ZF. Gao and Y. Yang, Boundary charges and integral identities for solitons in (d+1)-dimensional field theories, Nucl. Phys. B 925 (2017) 500–535.

[4] ZF Gao, s.b.gudnason and y.yang, integer squared laws for Global Voices in the born – Infeld wave equations, annals of physics 400 (2019) 303-319 (SCI zone 3)

Research Projects:

1. Two kinds of variational problems in quantum field theory, joint fund project, National Natural Science Foundation of China, u1504102, January 2016-december 2018, 300000, PI

Main Courses:

Mathematical modeling and experiment, mat lab Foundation

Honors and Awards:

Second prize of Excellent Academic Paper of Henan Natural Science in September 2011 (1 / 2)


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