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Aimin Chen

Name:Aimin Chen

TitleAssociate Professor

OfficeAttached first floor

Email chenaimin@henu.edu.cn

Research FieldSystems Biology


2006.09-2009.06, Ph.D. Sun Yat-Sen University

2003.09-2006.07, Master of Science, Wuhan University

1999.09-2003.07, Bachelor of Science, Henan Normal University


2012.03-Present  Henan UniversityAssociate professorMaster supervisor

2009.06-2012.03  Henan UniversityLectureMaster supervisor

2014.09-2015.09   Queensland University of Technology Visiting scholar

2011.072011.08 City University of HongkongVisiting research assistant

Selected publications

(1) Suling Liu, Qiong Xu, Aimin Chen, Pei Wang*. Structural controllability of dynamic transcriptional regulatory networks for Saccharomyces cerevisiae, Physica A: Statistical Mechanics & Its Applications, 2020, 537, 122772.

(2) Aimin Chen*, Junwei Wang. Delay-dependent L2L control of linear systems with multiple time-varying state and input delays. Nonlinear Analysis: Real World Applications 13: 486-496, 2012.

(3) Aimin Chen*. Modeling a synthetic biological chaotic system: relaxation oscillators coupled by quorum sensing. Nonlinear Dynamics, 63(4): 711-718, 2011.

(4) Junwei Wang, Jiajun Zhang, Zhanjiang Yuan, Aimin Chen, Tianshou Zhou. Neurotransmitter-mediated collective rhythms in grouped Drosophila circadian clocks. Journal of Biological Rhythms, 2008, 23(6):472. 17

(5)Aimin Chen, Jun’an Lu, Jinhu Lü, Simin Yu. Generating hyperchaotic Lü attractor via state feedback control. Physica A Statistical Mechanics & Its Applications, 2006, 364:103-110.

Research Funding

1. National Natural Science Foundation of China (61773153): Statistical Construction and Analysis of Bio-molecular Networks with its Applications in Omics Data Mining for Brassica napus, 2018/1-2021/12.

2. National Natural Science Foundation of China (11105040): Research on the mechanism of noisy signal propagation in biological regulatory networks, 2012/1-2014/12, Principal Investigator


Ordinary Differential Equation, Probability and Mathematical Statistics, Introduction to Engineering Probability, Applied Probability and Statistics

Honor and awards

[1] Third prize of Henan science and Technology Progress Award, Modeling and statistical analysis of bio-molecular networks, 2017, #Grants: 2017-J-205-R01/04.


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