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Dawei Shen

Name: Dawei Shen

Title: Lecturer

Office: Math Building 504

Email: 10100118@vip.henu.edu.cn

Research Field: Representation theory of algebras


2010.09-2015.06, Ph.D., University of Science and Technology of China

2006.09-2010.07, Bachelor of Science, Anhui University


2017.07-now, Henan University, Lecturer

2015/07-2017/07, Postdoc, East China Normal University

Selected publications:

[1] A note on resolution quivers. J. Algebra Appl. 13 (2014), 1350120.

[2] The singularity category of a Nakayama algebra. J. Algebra 429 (2015), 1-18.

[3] A note on homological properties of Nakayama algebras. Arch. Math. 108 (2017), 251-261.

[4] (j.t. X.-W. Chen and G. Zhou) The Gorenstein-projective modules over a monomial algebra. Proc. Roy. Soc. Edinburgh Sect. A 148 (2018), 1115-1134.

[5] A description of Gorenstein projective modules over the tensor products of algebras. Comm. Algebra 47 (2019), 2753-2765.


Basic Algebra

Abstract Algebra


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