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Shiquan Ren

NameRen Shiquan




Research FieldTopology and Geometry


2013.07-2017.04,  Ph.D., National University of Singapore

2011.01-2012.12,  Master of Science, University of Malaya

2006.09-2010.06,  Bachelor of Science, Shandong University


2021.06-,     Henan University, Lecturer

2019.06-2021.06, Tsinghua University, Post-doc

2018.03-2019.01,  Guangdong Ocean University, Lecturer

2017.05-2018.03, National University of Singapore, Post-doc

Selected publications

[1] Shiquan Ren, Order of the canonical vector bundle over configuration spaces of projective spaces, Osaka Journal of Mathematics 54(4) (2017), 623-634.

[2] Shiquan Ren, Order of the canonical vector bundle over configuration spaces of spheres, Forum Mathematicum 30(5) (2018), 1265-1277.

[3] Shiquan Ren, Regular maps on Cartesian products and disjoint unions of manifolds, Topology and its Applications 234 (2018), 46-68.

[4] Bressan Stephane, Jingyan Li, Shiquan Ren, Jie Wu, The embedded homology of hypergraphs and applications, Asian Journal of Mathematics 23(3) (2019), 479-500.

[5] Chengyuan Wu, Shiquan Ren, Jie Wu, Kelin Xia, Discrete Morse theory for weighted simplicial complexes, Topology and its Applications 270 (2020), no. 107038.

[6] Shiquan Ren, Chengyuan Wu, Jie Wu, Computational tools in weighted persistent homology, Chinese Annals of Mathematics, Series B 42(2) (2021), 237-258.

[7] Chong Wang, Shiquan Ren, Yong Lin, Persistent homology of vertex-weighted digraphs, Advance in Mathematics (China), 49(6) (2020), 737-755.

[8] S..H. Kon, Tee-How Loo, Shiquan Ren, Real hypersurfaces in a complex space form with a condition on the structure Jacobi operator. Mathematica Slovaca 64 (2014), 1007-1018.

Research Funding

1. Stability of persistent homology for combinatorial objects, National Natural Science Foundation of China (12001310)2021.01-2021.12, PI

2. Discrete Morse theory and applications in topological data analysis, China Postdoctoral Science Foundation (2020M680494), 2020.11-2021.06.


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