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NameXiao Wang



Email xiaoheda06@163.com

Research FieldAnalysis and simulation of stochastic systems


2011.09-2015.07, Ph.D. Huazhong University of Science and Technology

2010.09-2011.07, M.S., Huazhong University of Science and Technology

2006.09-2010.07, B.S., Henan  University


2015.07-   Henan UniversityLecturer

2019.08-2020.01University of Manchester visiting scholar

2013.08-2015.01Illinois Institute of Technology visiting student(CSC)

Selected publications

[1]Y. Zhang, X. Wang, Q. Huang, J. Duan, T. Li, Numerical analysis and applications of Fokker-Planck equations for stochastic dynamical systems with multiplicative α-stable. Appl. Math. Model. 87(2020):711-730

[2]X. Wang, W. Shang, J. Duan, X. Li, Y. Huang,. Numercial methods for Fokker-Planck equation driven by asymmetric Levy motion. Adv. Comput. Math. 2019. 45:787-811

[3]Y. Huang; X. Wang, Finite difference methods for the generator of 1D asymmetric alpha-stable Lévy motions. Comput. Methods Appl. Math. 18 (2018), 63–76

[4]X. Wang; J. Duan; X. Li; R. Song, Numerical algorithms for mean exit time and escape probability of stochastic systems with asymmetric Lévy motion. Appl. Math. Comput. 337 (2018), 618–634.

Research Funding

1. Fokker-Planck equation driven by stable Levy motionNational Natural Science Foundation of China(11901159)2020.01-2022.12, PI


Probability and Statistics, Stochastic Process etc.


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