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Basic Principle and Application of Blockchain Technology

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SpeakerBo Yang


As the integration of distributed data storage, point-to-point transmission, consensus mechanism, cryptographic algorithm and other technologies, blockchain technology is the cornerstone of the next generation of digital economy, which can greatly promote the trusted storage, trusted exchange and sharing of data.This talk will focus onthe basic concept, structure, implementation and application of blockchain, especially the establishment process of blockchain (including the establishment of transaction order, data block and data chain) and the problems to be solved in blockchain.

Time: December27th 9:00

Venue:Lecture Hall,1th Floor, School of Mathematics and Statistics

Speaker Introduction:

Bo Yang is a professor in the School of Computer Science of Shaanxi Normal University, the Distinguished Professor of Shanxi Hundred Talents Program, the director of CACR, the member of the professional committee of cryptology algorithm of CACR, and the editorial board member of the Journal of Cryptology. He has presided more than 20 projects such as State Key R & D Project, NSFC, 863 Program, and National Password Development Fund etc. He has published more than 300 academic papers and 6 academic monographs and textbooks.