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A Cross Diffusion System Modelling Crime Hotspots

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SpeakerLinfeng Mei


We study the spike solutions of a reaction diffusion system with cross diffusion terms modelling crime concentration phynomena. The existence of radial symmetric solutions and their linear stabilities are investigated through the study of nonlocal eigenvalue problems. The main difficulty of the problem lies in the strong nonlinearity induced by the nature of the solutons as expressed in the cross diffusion terms.

Time: January 4th10:00

Venue:Lecture Hall,Nanyan, School of Mathematics and Statistics

Speaker Introduction:

Linfeng Mei is a lecturer in the School of Mathematics, Henan Normal University. He got his doctor's degree in the University of New England in Australia in 2012. From 2012 to 2014, He carried out a postdoctoral research in Tsinghua University in Taiwan. Currently, he has a General Project of NSFC. He mainly studies biomathematics and partial differential equations. In recent years, he has published some papers in the mathematical journals such as SIAM-JMA, Nonlinearity,JDE, etc.