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Special Lecture on Mathematical Physics

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Speaker: Professor Yisong Yang (New York University)

Title: Dirac Equation in Quantum Physics


In relativistic quantum field theory, Dirac equation is the basic equation and starting point to describe the laws of motion of basic particles, and its discovery is one of the most successful and profound examples of using mathematics as an ideological tool to reveal and explain the natural world. In this short course, we will see how Dirac discovered this equation and used it to predict the existence of antimatter and explain the famous Zeeman quantum electromagnetic effect. In addition, we will also discuss some topics related to the mathematical study of the Dirac equation.


The first time: 16:30-18:30 on January 8th

The second time: 16:30-18:30 on January 9th

The third time : 15:30-18:30 on January 10th


Lecture Hall,First Floor, School of Mathematics and Statistics