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Mathematical Analysis (2)

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Speaker:Xuecheng Pang


Integrals: introduce the relation between integrable function and continuity, discuss the integrable function of generalized integral, and introduce the integral inequality, the property of the function and the cofactor formula.

Time: January 14th 9:00

Venue:Lecture Hall,Nanjie, School of Mathematics and Statistics

Speaker Introduction:

Xuecheng Pang is now a professor and doctoral supervisor in the School of Mathematical Sciences, East China Normal University. He has taught for 33 years,  mainly Mathematical Analysis, Complex Function and other advanced courses. Many years of teaching practice has given him rich teaching experience. In 2004, the course on Mathematics Analysis was awarded as a national quality curriculum, and won the First Prize of Excellent Teaching in East China Normal University. In 2013 he won the First Prize of Shanghai Excellent Teaching Achievement Awards. In 2015 he won the Outstanding Teaching Contribution Award of East China Normal University.