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2020 Winter School at the School of Mathematics and Statistics of Henan University

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To promote communication and interaction among outstanding university students, and to provide students with an opportunity to understand the latest frontier dynamics in all directions of mathematics and statistics, the School of Mathematics and Statistics of Henan University has set up a mathematics winter school for undergraduate students from January 11th, 2020 to January 15th, 2020. The winter school is open to 50 third year undergraduate students majoring in mathematics and statistics. The winter school will provide intensive training of the students. We will invite some renowned experts and scholars of mathematics and statistics to give lectures and frontier talks, and organize study tours.


January 11th


Whole day: Registration and check in

January 12th

Morning: Opening Ceremony & Special Lectures

Afternoon: Special Lectures & Frontier Talk

January 13th

Morning: Visiting Minglun Campus

Afternoon: Special Lectures & Frontier Talk

January 14th

Morning: Special lectures

Afternoon: Special Lectures & Frontier talk

January 15th

Morning: Special Lectures & Closing Ceremony

Afternoon: Departure

Requirements for applicants:

1. Undergraduate students  in the third year of study, majoring in mathematics and statistics;

2. Top 20% in academic or grade level;

3. Must have passed the CET4 test

4. Have a keen interest on scientific research.


1. Online application: The applicant should send the application form (Attachment 1) and supporting materials (undergraduate transcript, proof of ranking achievement, award certificates, CET4 or CET6 transcripts, representative academic papers reflecting their academic level, etc.) to Liu's email address: lgqmath@126.com. The file name should contain the name of the school and of the applicant. All the documents and materials should be sent as scanned PDF files. The deadline for online application is January 5th, 2020.

2. The admitted students should also submit a paper version of the above supporting materials on the day of registration.

Assessment and Admission

The assessment and admission is conducted by the School of Mathematics and Statistics of Henan University. Admission will end on January 5th. The list of admission will be published on the website of the School of Mathematics and Statistics of Henan University and the admitted students will be notified by telephone or E-mail. The applicant who has not been selected will not be informed. We will provide some support for meals and free accommodation during winter school.


Mr. Liu, Graduate Office, School of Mathematics and Statistics, Henan University